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Pregnancy brings happiness and several other changes in a woman’s body. A pregnant woman goes through myriad changes when she finds out that she is expecting. Cramping is the most common sign shown by a pregnant woman. These generally occur in the early pregnancy. However this varies from one woman to another. Most of the times cramping is linked to miscarriage which frighten women. But here it is not the case as cramping is considered as a sign of pregnancy. Some woman starts experiencing cramps immediately after getting positive results for pregnancy while some may get it after a few weeks.

Early pregnancy cramping is quite similar to the one that develops when you are about to have your period. This confuses the new mom-to-be and make her wear a sanitary napkin all day long. Cramping in pregnancy means your uterus is preparing for the baby. It also occurs due to hormonal changes, implantation etc. Sometimes cramping I also accompanied with slight spotting. Here are some factors that lead to cramping in the early pregnancy.

  • Cramping due to implantation

Implantation of the fertilized embryo to the walls of the uterus causes cramping in women. This could be experiences about after a week of fertilization. This is often accompanied by slight bleeding.

  • Uterus preparing for pregnancy

Embryo grows inside the uterus and this organ needs to expand as per the growth of the embryo. In the period of nine months uterus grows thousand fold to accommodate the growing baby. In order to achieve it, uterus needs to stretch and change its shape. This leads to cramping in early pregnancy.

  • Round ligament pain

As the fetus grow it put pressure on the round ligament and this happen generally after 12 weeks of pregnancy. One may also experience more cramping on the right side of her body.
If the cramping is not bearable you need to talk with your gynecologist.

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